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Kowledge makes full use of Money and Time. 

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"KCNote" is supporting the intellectual creation activities which are becoming important future increasingly in various fields from business to everyday life, and enterprise management and consumption activities are backed up.

In six categories, since various support business, writing activities, introduction of recommended sites, etc. are performed, please utilize by all means.
Moreover, I am waiting also for an opinion and demand.


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【 What's NEW 】
2003.10.5(Sun) Renewal Web site is pre-opening now !!
Activity of an "KCNote" is divided to six categories and introduced that. Now, it is under creation.
2003.8.3(Sun) Bulletin board "Intellectual Community" is started. Please give me positive writing for promotion of intellectual creation activities. 
2003.7.5(Sat) "Intellectual Creation Report" creation service
 For small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, we started the trust service which collects the information for supporting the enterprise deployment boiled with Industry-University collaboration and Cross-Industrial association by the original route, and reports it periodically in report form.
What's NEW on past

Web Producing
Web Producing

  Proposal and construction of Web site with SEO
  Trust develop. of Web application (PHP etc.)
  Trust develop. of Windows application (VB etc.)

Collaboration Planning
Collaboration Planning

  Proposal service of Industry-Univ. collaboration
  Collection of the trend information
  Prior negotiation of development and patents, etc.

Entrepreneur Support
Entrepreneur Support

  Support of successful business plan creation
  Consultation about the enterprise management
  Introduction of substantial support measure


  Trust development of sales promotion Web tool
  The goods promotion from a consumer side
  Proposal of a Web marketing and Brand strategy

Knowledge Life
Knowledge Life

  Information which makes consumption habits rich
  Travel / Hot Spa / Hidden Famous Shop / Ramen
  Nostalgic Town / Shopping Street / Specialities

Personnel Education
Personnel Education

  Talented people who will bear the 21st century
  Tradition Industry which it is proud of in the world
  New recognition by Truth of the Meiji Restoration

 Outsourcing, tie-up and inquiry etc. ▲TOP 

 We have accepted outsourcing and the business tie-up and reference outsourcing of Seed s information, positively.
 Moreover, if there is also an inquiry about the above-mentioned contents, please ask freely.
An inquiry is to here.

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